Dominant Moving Company offers onsite estimates for free of charge. Unfortunately, we are not able to send estimator to every potential client. We just don’t have that many estimators in our team. Our professional movers can handle any move without pre-inspection, we have all necessary tools and rarely something can surprise us. We will do an estimate if your home is over 2500 Sq Ft and/or you have a lot of unordinary items to move. Please contact our office and request your free no obligation onsite estimate.

The cost of any local move is based amount of time it takes to relocate your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence. For more information on local moving please look at local moves page. Packing process will be billed at the hourly rate plus any materials used.

The cost of Long Distance move will depend on amount items, weight of the items and distance that you will be moving. Check long distance moves page for more information.

The not-to-exceed price is maximum price that you will pay for the requested services. We will need to conduct an on-site visual estimate to provide you with “the not to exceed price” before the move. It is not a fixed price, but a maximum price, which means that your bill can be and most likely will be less than “not to exceed price” but not more, unless you change your request by adding more items to move, asking for additional service, etc.

On local moves, there is no specific charge for use of stairs or elevator because all local moves are charged by the hour. Obviously, it takes more time to carry items from the 3rd floor with stairs and/or with one football field walking distance to the truck than just loading the same number of items from 1 story home with the truck backed up to the door.

Because all long distance moves are billed based on weight and distance, use of stairs, elevators long carrying distance are called an accessorial charge. According to move vocabulary an accessorial charge is what makes longer the loading / unloading time of weight based move. Our estimated price for long distance move will include all accessorial charges.

Tips are not mandatory to give, but will be highly appreciated by movers. Giving the reality of moving industry, tips is the major part of a mover’s earning. There is no certain standard for tipping movers, like in restaurant industry. Based on thousands of well-done moves, an average tip for movers ranges from $20 to $50 per person depending on com

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, cashier’s checks and cash. For cash payments, we give a discount because when charging credit/debit card we pay a transaction fee and lose some portion of funds. We’d rather give you a discount than pay the card processor provider.

Dominant Moving Company does not accept personal or business checks.

Moving Logistics

We move 7 days a week. But we may be closed on some holidays. Please check with our sales representative.

We cannot give you a ride in our truck for liability reasons. We possess household goods carrier license, but we don’t have passenger carrier license.

In accordance with State and Federal regulations, a moving company must offer you a valuation of your goods. Valuation is not an insurance. Valuation refers to amount of liability a moving company takes for your belongings. Minimum basic valuation that is provided at no additional cost is 60 cents per pound per item. For example, in case of damage of 100 pound item the reimbursement for that item will be $60. ($100 x 0.6) You can purchase actual insurance for your items through www.movinginsurance.com. Our movers always take a maximum care of client’s belongings to prevent damages and keep it in the same conditions.

If your apartment, condo or office building / property management / HOA requires certificate of liability and workers compensation insurance, please provide us with requirements and we will have our insurance agent take care of it.

In accordance with rules and regulations of CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) a licensed moving company cannot provide exact estimates over the phone. We can only tell you how much we charge per hour and give you a ballpark estimate based on your detailed description. Every move is unique and total completion time of service depends on amount of furniture, boxes, complexity of disassembly and reassembly, conditions of loading and unloading (presence or absence of stairs, elevator, narrow hallways, steep driveways, walking distance to parked truck) and on your choice to self-pack boxes or entrusting packing to our professionals.

Our fleet consist of 26 or 24-foot long moving trucks. Trucks height and width may vary depending on truck and cargo box manufacture. See our gallery. 

Preparation for your move.

We gathered a list of moving tips and packing tips to help you better prepare for your move.

That is up to you. You can pack everything before movers’ arrival, or you can hire us for a complete packing and moving service.

Before our moving crew arrives, pack all small items into boxes, (follow our tips) disassemble the furniture that has to be disassembled in order to be moved (beds, dining tables, etc). Try not to leave any loose items. Leave as less work for movers as possible. Reserve the truck parking spot and follow our moving and packing tips.

We will be happy to help you with packing of your items. Contact our office and we will schedule packing service for you. Depending on amount of packing to be done, we may need an additional day.

We will provide wardrobe boxes for use at the day of the move for free of charge as long as they are returned by the end of the move.

Please take out everything from inside of furniture and pack it in proper boxes. Furniture is not made to be transported with an extra weight inside. Plus inside items can be easily damaged and can cause damage to your furniture when shifting.

What We Move and What We Don’t Move

We don’t provide vehicle transportation.

Yes, we do move pianos under 400 lbs. We move only upright or baby grand pianos.


Yes, we do. Please make sure drain the water and empty it from stones and or gravel.

We only move plants on local moves. We do not move plants long distance, even if you are staying in California. California Department of Agriculture prohibits it.


For a complete lets of items that we will not move, please read ITEMS THAT MOVERS CAN’T MOVE BY THE LAW

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