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What is a local move?

As a general rule, any residential or commercial moving service with traveling distance of 100 or fewer miles between origin address and a destination address is considered to be a local move. Any local moving service is billed hourly at the set hourly rate, which will depend on the number of movers in the team and the number of trucks that we will be using for transportation of your goods. 


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What affects the cost of any local move?

​The total billed time of any local move depends on:

  • Size of your place.
  • How many furniture items and boxes need to be moved?
  • Packing. Will you pack boxes on your own or would you like to entrust packing to our professionals?
  • Conditions of loading and unloading. Are there stairs, elevator, narrow hallways, steep driveways? What will be the walking distance from the door to the parked truck?
  • How much drive time in between your old and new place?
  • Any extra heavy items such as piano, gun safe, fish tank, dresser made of stone?
  • Will movers need to disassemble and reassemble some of your furniture items? Complexity of process matters.


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Disassembly & reassembly

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Billing time starts when movers arrive to the origin address and stops when everything is unloaded at destination address and job is finished. In accordance with regulations of California Public Utilities Commission, driving time between pick up and drop off locations will be doubled.

(For Example, 15 minutes of driving = 30 minutes of billed time.)

What To Expect?

​Just call our main office at 1-855-699-2299 to talk to our relocation specialist or a fill out online estimate request form.

  • We will ask you some questions about your move to make sure we send you the right number of movers to do the job both time and price efficiently. If your current place is over 3000 sq ft. and/or you have items, which require special attention we recommend a pre-move inspection. In this case, we will also be able to provide a guaranteed maximum price known as “Not to Exceed Price”
  • Then we will schedule the move for your desired moving day.
  • At the scheduled day and time movers will arrive at the pickup location, you will sign paperwork and your move begins. You are welcome to communicate with our friendly moving team. Please let them know if you have any additional requests or concerns, and movers will take care of it.
  • When the truck is loaded, crew leader and the customer will do a final walk-through. Then movers will drive the truck to a drop off location.
  • Upon arrival at the drop off location, we will need a little bit of your involvement. Please give our movers directions on where to place the furniture and boxes.
  • After the truck is unloaded, the job is done and billing time stops, the customer pays the bill and begins enjoying the new place.

That is how we do it every day. If you have questions, please check our frequently asked questions page or contact our friendly office staff. ​To be better prepared for your local move please read our tips and resources!

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